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Rejecting The Truth

Shaykh ul-Islam (May Allah have Mercy on him):

So indeed a person may know that the truth is with other than him and, in spite of this, he rejects that due to his envy of him or due to seeking to be above him or due to the desire of the soul. And that desire causes him to transgress against him, reject that which he says by any way whilst in his heart, he knows that the truth is with him. Continue reading

Visit By Dr. Muhammad bin Ahmad al-Fifi on 11/12-11/13 in Michigan

Announcement of Glad Tidings!

All praise belongs to Allah. And may Allah raise the rank and send peace upon His Messenger Muhammad and upon his family and companions.

The visit of the Noble Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Ahmad al-Fifi, may Allah preserve him, to Markaz Abi Bakr As-Sideeq in Hamtramck, MI (8904 Saint Aubin Street · Hamtramck · MI 48212) has been set.

His visit to the Markaz will take place on the coming Saturday and Sunday, 12-13 of Safr (12-13 November) inshaAllaah. Continue reading

Doubt Presented by the Grave Worshiper

The Noble Scholar Shaykh Abdul-Azeez Ibn Baaz (may Allah have mercy upon him) stated:

There’s a doubt presented by the grave worshipers, and it is: The presence of the grave of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم in his Masjid. The response to that is: The companions رضي الله عنهم did not bury him in his Masjid; they only buried him in the house of ‘Aaishah رضي الله عنها. Continue reading

Visiting Mount Thawr or the Cave of Hirā

Shaykh Rabee Ibn Hādi al-Madkhali was asked the following:

Question: What is the ruling on climbing Mount Thawr or the Cave of Hirā [Nūr], simply for the purpose of viewing and having knowledge of the places which the Prophet ﷺ visited?

Answer: If it [the visit] coincides with the [same] days as the visits [to Mount Thawr or the Cave of Hiraa or Nūr] of the ignoramuses, the people of superstition and the people of innovation, then it is not permissible for a student of knowledge to participate with them in this evil. This is so that the people do not think he [the student of knowledge] is with them, except if he is going there with the intention of advising and clarifying to them that this visit is NOT from the religion of Allah; and it is not legislated. Continue reading