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If a Salafi Goes Astray Due to You

Shaykh ‘Āyid Ash-Shamri  (may Allah preserve him) stated:

This salafi, if he was to go astray due to you, due to your character, due to your harshness, due to your evil thoughts and your lies upon him–if he was to go astray (because of this), you will be held accountable (for that) on the Day of Judgment. This salafi who teaches the books of the Salaf in opposition to the Ikhwānis, in opposition to the Tablīghis, in opposition to the Takfīris, in opposition to the Ashā‘irah and the Sūfis, he teaches Tawhīd, the Sunnah and Salāh–if he was to stop the classes because of you and your tale-carrying, you will be questioned (about this) in front of Allah (‘azza wa-jall). Therefore fear Allah O brothers! Continue reading

أهمية دعوة الشيخ المجدد محمد بن عبدالوهاب – العلامة صالح الفوزان

الشيخ د. صالح بن فوزان الفوزان عضو اللجنة الدائمة للإفتاء محاضرة بعنوان أهمية دعوة الإمام المجدد الشيخ محمد بن عبدالوهاب ــ رحمه الله ــ بالقاعة الرئيسية بجامعة دار العلوم بحي الفلاح بمدينة الرياض يوم الخميس 5/8/1437هـ

نصائح شيخ وصي الله عباس

الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله وبعد
فلقد زرنا الشيخ المحدث وصي الله عباس في بيته العامر بمكة وضيفنا جزاه الله خيرا وأحسن استقبالنا ، وجلسنا معه مايزيد عن الساعة والنصف
وأسداني واخواني الذين حضروا معي نصائح وتوجيهات قيمة غالية ومنها
Continue reading

A Powerful Refutation of the Ash’arees by Shaykh Muhammad Aman al-Jami (rahimahullaah)

The Noble Scholar, Shaykh Muhammad Amaan al-Jaami (may Allah have mercy upon him) stated:

If the Ash’aree says to you: “Indeed Allah (‘azza wa-jall) does not come down during the last third of the night (to the lowest heavens); rather it is only His command that comes down.” Say to him: “His command comes down from who?.” He will say: “It comes down from Allah.” Say to him: “This is what we wanted.” Therefore, he (the Ash’aree) has established that Allah is above the heavens. Continue reading