Leaving Off The Harām For Allāh’s Sake

The Noble Scholar Sh. Sulaymān Ar-Ruhaylī حفظه الله said:

“When a Muslim stays away from the Harām intentionally (seeking the pleasure of Allāh), this is a righteous action. A good deed is written for him and a bad deed is wiped away.”

[Sharh Sahīh At-Targhīb wa At-Tarhīb #28]

The Student of Knowledge and The Scholars

The Noble Scholar Sulaymān Ar-Ruhaylī حفظه الله stated:

“No matter what level the student of knowledge has reached (in his studies), he is in need of the ‘Ulamā. He is in need to return back to the people of knowledge, those who are alive from amongst them as well as those who have passed away (by returning back to their works).”

[Sharh Sahīh At-Targhīb wa At-Tarhīb #28]

Note: Some individuals, once they have attained studying for a certain amount of time or attained a degree they disconnect themselves from the Scholars and hold themselves to be on the level of the Scholars. And worse than that are the ones who haven’t studied or barely studied and hold themselves to be the Scholars of the people, being obstacles in the way of true knowledge. The true Scholars are the inheritors of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and they are a means of guidance to the truth. The fake Scholars are the ones who feign knowledge and call the people to follow an agenda!

The Reason Why We Seek Knowledge

The Noble Shaykh Dr. Ahmad Bāzmūl حفظه الله stated:

“Knowledge is not sought for itself. Knowledge is not sought for itself. Knowledge is not sought in order for it to be said (about a person that) he’s a Scholar. Knowledge is not sought in order for it to be said (about a person that) he has a lot of information. Indeed knowledge is only sought as a means to get closer to Allāh. And knowledge is: Allāh said, His Messenger said, the Sahābah said.”

[Sharh Usūl At-Tafsīr of Ibn ‘Uthaymīn #2]


The Occupation of The Soul

Shaykhul-Islām Ibn Taymiyyah رحمه الله stated:

“Whoever doesn’t utilize himself in the worship of Allāh he will utilize it without his choice in the obedience of the Shaytān. Therefore, it’s a must that the soul has an occupation.”

[Jāmi’ Al-Masāil 8/228]

قال شيخ الإسلام ابن تيمية رحمه الله

من لم يستعمل نفسه في عبادة الله ، استعملها بغير اختياره في طاعة الشيطان؛ إذ النفس لابد لها من عمل

[—————— جامع المسائل ٨/ ٢٢٨]

The soul must be preoccupied with something in life. It’s important that we strive to preoccupy our souls with that which is pleasing and beloved to Allāh The Almighty. If not, then we will only become immersed in that which is from the obedience of the accursed Shaytān.


Shaykhul-Islām Ibn Taymiyyah رحمه الله stated:

“Allāh سبحانه has informed (us) that He doesn’t punish a person who seeks forgiveness. That’s because seeking forgiveness wipes out the sin which is the cause of the punishment. Therefore, (due to the person seeking Allah’s forgiveness) the punishment is repelled.”

[Majmū Al-Fatāwā V.8 Pg.163]

قال شيخ الإسلام ابن تيمية رحمه الله

أخبر الله سبحانه أنه لا يعذب مستغفراً، لأن الاستغفار يمحو الذنب الذي هو سبب العذاب، فيندفع العذاب

[مجموع الفتاوى ج٨ ص١٦٣]