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Domestic Violence Is Not Love

The Prophet ﷺ said:

“Let not one of you beat his wife like she’s a slave and then go to her at the end of the day to have relations with her.”


The scholars have mentioned that this type of behavior is contradictory to love.

Marriage Is A Serious Bond

The Noble Scholar Shaykh Al-Bashīr Al-Ibrāhīmī رحمه الله stated:

“O Muslims, indeed the bond of marriage is a serious bond. Those who are noble preserve it and those who are corrupt play around with it.”

[Al-Āthār 3/299]

قال الشيخ البشير الإبراهيمي رحمه الله :

أيها المسلمون: إن عقدة الزواج عقدة مؤكدة، يحافظ عليها الأحرار، ويتلاعب بها الفجّار

[الآثار ٢٩٩\٣]

Memorize These Three Things!

Wahb bin Munabbih رحمه الله stated:

“Memorize three things from me:

●Beware of (evil) desires that are followed.

●Beware of (having) an evil companion.

●Beware of (being) a person who is amazed with himself.”

[Siyar A’lām An-Nubalā 4/548]

قال وهب بن منبه : احفظوا عني ثلاثاً : إياكم وهوىً متبعاً، وقرين سوءٍ، وإعجاب المرء بنفسه

[سير أعلام النبلاء ( ٥٤٨/٤) ]