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Make Your Marriage Last By Way Of Religiosity And Good Character

The Noble Scholar Shaykh Sulaymān Ar-Ruhaylī حفظه الله stated:

“Wealth and beauty do not benefit when confronting the burdens of marital life. Rather, it’s a must that there be religiosity and good character. That’s because the path of marital life is long and in need of religiosity and good character between the two spouses in order to last.”

[Muhādharah Haqq Az-Zawjayn]

Marry The Righteous Man

kThe Prophet ﷺ said to Sabī’ah bint Al-Hārith رضي الله عنها:

“If you find a righteous man, marry him!”

[As-Silsilah As-Sahīhah #2722]


1. Virtues of a righteous man. 2. A woman should not marry just any one. 3. The concern of the Prophet ﷺ for the women.

Amazing Are The People

Ibn Shubrumah رحمه الله stated:

“I’m amazed at the people who stay away from (eating certain) food out of fear of sickness but don’t stay away from (committing) sins out of fear of the hellfire.”

[Siyar A’lām An-Nubalā 6/348]

Seek The Reward Of Allāh By Doing Good To Your Wife

The Messenger of Allāh ﷺ said:

“Surely when the man gives his wife a drink of water he is rewarded.”

[رواه أحمد/وحسنه الألباني]

Al-‘Irbādh b. Sāriyah heard the Hadīth and rushed to give his wife a drink of water. Then he informed her of what he heard from the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ.

The Good Thoughts Bring About The Happy Life

The Noble Scholar Shaykh ‘Abdur Rahmān bin Nāsir As-Si’dī رحمه الله stated:

“Know that your life is subordinate to your thoughts. If they are thoughts concerning that which brings about benefit upon you in your Dīn or Dunyā your life will be one of happiness and goodness. And if not, the matter will be otherwise.”

[Al-Hayāh As-Sa’īdah Pg.30]