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Being A True Salafi

The Noble Scholar Shaykh Salih al-Fawzaan (May Allah preserve him) said:

When you want to be a true Salafi, it is upon you to study the way/methodology of the Salaf with precision, know it with insight, then act in accordance to it without extremism and without being lackadaisical. This is the methodology of the Salaf. As for the mere claim and mere ascribing (to the methodology of the Salaf) without any reality, this harms (the person) and doesn’t (bring about) benefit. Continue reading

Oh Youth of Tawbah

– قال الحافظ ابن رجب رحمه الله –

يا شبان التوبة لاترجعوا إلى ارتضاع ثدي الهوىٰ من بعد الفطام فالرضاع إنما يصلح للأطفال لا للرجال ولكن لا بد من الصبر على مرارة الفطام فإن صبرتم تعوضتم عن لذة الهوىٰ بحلاوة الإيمان في القلوب .

📌 لطائف المعارف   (٢٢٤/١)

Al-Haafith Ibn Rajab may Allah have mercy upon him stated:

“Oh youth of repentance, do not return back to suckling from the breast of desires after the weaning period. Indeed suckling is only suitable for the children, not for the men. However patience upon the bitterness of the weaning period is a must. If you are patient, you will become accustomed to (leaving off) the pleasure of the desires for the sweetness of faith in the hearts.”
[Lataa-if al-Ma’aarif 1/224]

Translated by Abu Yusuf Khaleefah

Three Types of People During The Night

On the authority of of Tāriq Ibn Shihāb رحمه الله that  Salmān al-Faarisī رضي الله عنه stated: “When it’s the night time, the people are of three positions in regards to it:  From them, those who the night is for him and not against him. From them are those who the night is against him and not for him. And from them are those who the night is not for him or against him.” I (Tāriq) said: and how is that? He (Salmān) said: “As for the one who the night is for him and not against him, a person who takes advantage of the unawareness of the people and the darkness of the night. He makes Wudū and prays. That’s the one who the night is for him and not against him. Then there’s a person who takes advantage of the unawareness of the people and the darkness of the night and goes about in the disobedience of Allāh. That’s the one who the night is against him and not for him. Then there’s a person that sleeps until the morning. That’s the one who the night is not for him or against him.”

Taken from: [Siyar ‘Alaam an-Nubalaa]

Translated by: Abu Yusuf Khaleefah

The Last Ten of Ramadan-The Great Opportunity…

The Noble Shaykh Khālid ‘Uthmān حفظه الله stated: “The last ten days of Ramadan is an opportunity for you to raise yourself over your desires.

Do not graze with the cattle…Elevate above the clouds, perhaps you will reach ‘illiyyeen.

Do not be deceived by the riffraff, those who clash with one another over the dunya which holds no value. How quick is it to vanish from them, in just moments.

Then they will find themselves in a constricted grave, with no helper nor escape from Allah except to Him.

Do not despair from the mercy of Allah and do not be deceived by it nor feel safe from Allahs plan.

And know that Allah is with those who are pious and those who do good.”

Translated by: Nasir al-Hanbali حفظه الله

Two Benefits of The Prayer

Shaykhul Islam Ibn al-Qayyim رحمه الله stated: “Allah تعالى said:

وأقم الصلاة إن الصلاة تنهى عن الفحشاء والمنكر ولذكر الله أكبر

[سورة العنكبوت:45]

“And establish the prayer, indeed the prayer prevents one from indecency and evil, and certainly the remembrance of Allah is greater.”

[Soorah al-‘Ankboot:45]

And I heard Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah رحمه الله say: -The meaning of this verse: Indeed there are two great benefits in the prayer: One of them: It prohibiting one from the matters of indecency and evil. The second: It comprising and consisting of the remembrance of Allah. And that which it consist of the remembrance of Allah is greater than its prohibiting of the indecency and evil.”

Taken from: [Mukhtasar Madaarij as-Saalikeen Pg. 100]

Translated by Abu Yusuf Khaleefah

The Permissibility of Reciting The Qurān While Reclining

On the authority of The Mother of the Believers Aaishah رضي الله عنها she said: “The Prophet  صلى الله عليه وسلم would recline on my lap while I was menstruating then start reading the Qurān.” [Bukhari 297, Muslim 301]

Al-Haafith Ibn Rajab رحمه الله stated: “In this narration is the evidence for reciting the Qurān while reclining, laying down or being one’s side. That enters into the statement of Allah:

” الَّـذِينَ يَـذْكُرُونَ اللَّهَ قِـيَاماً وَقُعُـوداً وَعَـلَى جُنُـوبِهِم”

[آل عمران/١٩١]

“Those who remember Allah while standing, sitting and lying down on their sides.”

[Soorah Aali ‘Imraan:191]

Taken From: Fathul-Baari V. 1 Pg. 406

Translated by Abu Yusuf Khaleefah

A Response That Will Prove the Evil and Blasphemous Nature of The Statements of Amina Wadud

Indeed, the praise is for Allāh; we praise Him and we seek His help and forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allāh from the evil of ourselves and our bad deeds. Whomsoever Allāh guides, there is no one who can lead that person astray, and whomsoever Allāh leads astray, there is no guide for them. I bear witness that none has the right to be worshiped except Allāh and I bear witness that Muhammad is the servant and last messenger of Allāh to all of mankind and jinn. As to what follows:

Allāh has mentioned in the Qurān:

Indeed you have in the Messenger of Allāh a beautiful example. (al-Ahzāb: 36)

He also stated:

And indeed you (Oh Muhammad) are upon exalted character. (al-Qalam: 4)

Continue reading

A Sitting with Shaykh Waseeyullah ‘Abbaas

All praise is for Allah. May the Salaah and Salaam be upon the Messenger of Allah.  As to what follows:

We visited the Shaykh, the Muhaddith (scholar of Hadeeth) Waseeyullaah ‘Abbaas (may Allah preserve him) in his home in Makkah.  He hosted us as guests, may Allah reward him with good, and received us in a good manner.  We sat with him for over an hour and a half.  He gave to myself as well as the brothers who were there with me precious, valuable pieces of advice and instructions.  From them: Continue reading

The Two Deviated Paths of Learning – Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan

The Noble Scholar Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan (may Allah preserve him) stated:

There are now (in this day and time) two deviated paths regarding learning:

1.) Learning (only) from books without (learning from) the ‘Ulamaa. This is a deviated path and many have gone astray because of it. This is due to the person not understanding what is in the books or he understands in a manner that is not intended because the books have not been Continue reading