Protests Regarding Donald Trump

Question posed to Shaykh Muhammad Akoor

Q: Now, people are protesting here in America because they’re not pleased with Donald Trump’s nomination (as President). And some people on the other side are openly showing their hatred and hostility towards Muslims and minorities. What is your advice?

A: My advice is that a person escapes with his religion from Fitnah and this is better than remaining amongst polytheism and the polytheists. Likewise, it is not permissible to participate with them in their demonstrations nor to revolt against their president; this shouldn’t be the concern of the minorities who don’t have any power nor might. Rather, they’re to adhere to self-composure and silence until Allah removes their adversity from them.

Source: Shaykh Muhammad Akoor via WhatsApp

Translated by Muhammad Abouharb
10th of Safar, 1438 (11-10-2016)