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A Response That Will Prove the Evil and Blasphemous Nature of The Statements of Amina Wadud

Indeed, the praise is for Allāh; we praise Him and we seek His help and forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allāh from the evil of ourselves and our bad deeds. Whomsoever Allāh guides, there is no one who can lead that person astray, and whomsoever Allāh leads astray, there is no guide for them. I bear witness that none has the right to be worshiped except Allāh and I bear witness that Muhammad is the servant and last messenger of Allāh to all of mankind and jinn. As to what follows:

Allāh has mentioned in the Qurān:

Indeed you have in the Messenger of Allāh a beautiful example. (al-Ahzāb: 36)

He also stated:

And indeed you (Oh Muhammad) are upon exalted character. (al-Qalam: 4)

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The Innovation of the Rāfiḍa is More Severe than the Innovation of the Khawaarij

Shaykh ul-Islam (May Allah have Mercy on him):

And the  innovation (bid’ah)  of the Rāfiḍa is more severe than the innovation  of the Khawaarij. They accuse Abu Bakr and Umar of disbelief, and lie against the Prophet (ﷺ) and the Companions, in a manner that no one has brought the likes of, whilst the Khawaarij do not lie but the Khawaarij used to be more truthful and more courageous than them and more trustworthy in fulfilling their pacts than them and so fought more than them and they (the Rāfiḍa) are the most lying, the most cowardly, most deceitful and most lowly (of people) and they seek help from the disbelievers against the Muslims.  Indeed we have seen and the Muslims have seen that if the Muslims are tried with the disbelieving enemy, they (the Rāfiḍa) are with them (the disbelieving enemy) as was the case with Genghis Khan the disbelieving emperor of the Tatars.  For indeed the Rāfiḍa supported him against the Muslims. Continue reading

Thinking Ill Of Your Brother’s Intentions

From Ulama Audio: Dr. Abdur Rahman Omaisan answers a question presented during the recent conference in Edmonton, Canada in which someone asked:

What is your advice to an individual who accuses his brothers with loving fame and leadership without presenting any evidence to this allegation?

A beautifully presented answer, fortified by evidence from the book of Allah, the Sunnah of his Messenger salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and adorned by statements of the scholars of old.

May Allah reward the sheikh lavishly for his efforts in teaching the religion and dispelling confusion. Ameen.

If a Salafi Goes Astray Due to You

Shaykh ‘Āyid Ash-Shamri  (may Allah preserve him) stated:

This salafi, if he was to go astray due to you, due to your character, due to your harshness, due to your evil thoughts and your lies upon him–if he was to go astray (because of this), you will be held accountable (for that) on the Day of Judgment. This salafi who teaches the books of the Salaf in opposition to the Ikhwānis, in opposition to the Tablīghis, in opposition to the Takfīris, in opposition to the Ashā‘irah and the Sūfis, he teaches Tawhīd, the Sunnah and Salāh–if he was to stop the classes because of you and your tale-carrying, you will be questioned (about this) in front of Allah (‘azza wa-jall). Therefore fear Allah O brothers! Continue reading

هناك من يطعن في خلص إخوانه، بدعوى أنهم متميعون

:قال الشيخ محمد بن رمزان الهاجري وفقه الله

فهناك من يطعن في خلص إخوانه ، بدعوى أنهم متميعون وهم والله أوضح منه وأقوى منه ، لكن لم يوافقوه في هوى قد مال إليه ، أو باطل قد تجرأ عليه ، ولذلك يريد ليوافقوه في باطله وفي ما عنده ، فهم لم يوافقوه ، فادعى زورا وبهتانا أنهم على غير قوة وثبات في الحق ، وهذا من إتهام الخلق بالقول المجرد ، لا بالحجة ولا بالبيان ولا بالأدلة ، فمثل هؤلاء أحكامهم ساقطة لا يلتفت إلى سماعها ، لأنها فيها جور وفيها حيد وفيها ظلم وفيها تعدي ، فلا يؤخذ إلا القول الصحيح الذي معه الأدلة والبرهان ، مما قال بلسان أو خط ببنان ، أما مجرد الكلام والدعاوى فهذه لا يلتفت لها

[ شرح الإبانة الصغرى لابن بطة الدرس السادس ]

حكم السُّكوتِ على خَطأ المخالِف خَشْيةَ الفُرْقَة

الشـيَِـٌخ العلاّمــة عبد المحسن العبَّاد البدر -حفظه اللَّــْـْہ ورعاه

السؤال: ما نصِيحتُك -حفظك الله- لمن يقول: الردُّ على الْمُخالِف يُسبِّب الفُرْقَة بين المسلمِينَ؛ ولكن الواجِب السُّكوتُ على الخطأ؛ حتَّى تجتمِعَ كلمةُ المسلمِين؟

.الجواب: هذا غيرُ صحيح! هذا باطلٌ! بل الخطأ -يعني- يُبيَّن ويُوضَّح، ولا يُترَك
.وأمَّا قضية التَّرك من أجل أن هذا يُسبِّب فُرقَة؛ بل الفُرقَة حصلت بالمخالفات، والخروج عن الجادَّةِ؛ فالواجب هو بيان الحقِّ، والردُّ على الْمُبطِل

.وإذا كان الذي حصل منه الخطأ ليس من أهل البدع؛ وإنما هو من أهل السُّنَّة -وحصل الخطأ- فإنَّه يُناصَح ويُرفَق بِه؛ لأنَّ المقصود هو الإصلاحُ Continue reading

A Merciful Call

The Noble Scholar Shaykh Rabee’ bin Hādi al-Madkhali (may Allah preserve him) stated:

I advise you all, oh brothers, that you traverse upon the path of the Salaf as-Sālih (in matters of) learning, character and in calling (to Allah). No harshness, no extremism, a call (to Allah) that is accompanied with forbearance, mercy and exalted character. By Allah, the Dawah as-Salafiyyah will spread by way of these good methods. I say: Some people wrongfully ascribe (things) to this Manhaj. They have come about with evil methods and characteristics. From it, attacking Salafiyyah in the name of Salafiyyah. They have distorted the Dawah as-Salafiyyah with this (evil) way (of theirs). I advise the youth to fear Allah azza wa jall, learn the beneficial knowledge, perform the righteous actions and call the people to Allah with knowledge and wisdom. Continue reading