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The Fourteen Enemies

A man said to Abu Hāzim (may Allah have mercy upon him): Indeed you are strict. Abu Hāzim (may Allāh have mercy upon him) replied:

Why shouldn’t I be strict when I’m certainly being observed/watched by 14 enemies. As for four of them: A Shaytān (devil) who puts me to trial, a believer who envies me, a disbeliever (who wants to) kill me and a hypocrite who hates me. As for the (remaining) ten, from them are: The matter of hunger, thirst, heat, cold, nakedness, old age, sickness, poverty, death and the hell-fire. I don’t have the ability (to combat them all) except with a complete weapon. And I do not find a weapon to combat them with better than (the weapon of) at-Taqwā (having fear of Allah). Continue reading

The Fitnah of Fearing Poverty

Sufyaan ath-Thawree (may Allah have mercy upon him) stated:

There is no weapon for the Shaytaan against the human similar to the fear of poverty. When it (i.e the fear of poverty) falls into the heart of the person, he prevents the truth (from being manifested), he speaks with the (evil, lowly) desires and he has the thoughts of evil about his Lord.

Source: Al-Mughnee ‘an Hamlil Asfaar, 4/32
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الشياطين تحتال على ابن آدم لتوقعه في واحد من أمور ستة

:قال الشيخ ابن عثيمين رحمه الله

قال ابن القيم رحمه الله: الشياطين تحتال على ابن آدم لتوقعه في واحد من أمور ستة: الكفر ثم البدعة ثم الكبائر ثم الصغائر ثم الاشتغال بفضول المباح ثم بالفاضل عن الأفضل، فإن أعيتهم هذه الحيل الست عمدوا إلى حيلة أخرى وهي تسليط أهل الباطل والبدع عليهم

(مختارات من إعلام الموقعين / ص157)

القلب العامر السليم والقلب الخرب

القلب العامر السليم والقلب الخرب

:قال الإمام ابن عثيمين-رحمه الله

:قيل لأحد الصحابه -رضي الله عنهم
!إن اليهود يقولون :نحن لا نوسوس في صلاتنا؟ وأنتم أيها المسلمون توسوسون في الصلاة

:فقال كلمة عجيبة قال
!وما يصنع الشيطان بقلب خراب فالقلب الخراب لا يأتيه الشيطان ليخربه
.لأنه قد خرب إنما يخرب القلب العامرالسليم، حتى يدمره

.فنسأل الله أن يعيذنا وإياكم من الشيطان الرجيم

[من كتاب التعليق على صحيح مسلم) [1\376)

Shaytaan Desires a Far Straying

Al-Imaam Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen (may Allaah have mercy upon him) stated:

The Shaytaan wants that the children of Aadam stray with a far staying and not a near straying (one that’s close to the truth). Allaah stated: “And the Shaytaan wants to lead them far astray.” However we are not to think that the Shaytaan commands (the people) with (going) far astray from the onset. Rather (he does it) in stages. So he commands with Fisq (corruption) and the lesser acts of disobedience. Then (he commands with) the major sins. Then (he commands with) the disbelief (in Allaah). We ask Allaah to protect us.  Based upon this the ‘Ulamaa have said: The acts of disobedience are the Bareed  (path) to al-Kufr…The scholars have mentioned that the acts of disobedience are the path to al-Kufr and the Shaytaan takes the person in stages, step by step until the point he destroys him.”

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