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Three Categories of Knowing The Truth

Shaykhul-Islām Ibn al-Qayyim (raḥimahullâh) stated:

The people are divided into three categories regarding knowing the truth and acting in accordance to it. That’s because the servant (of Allâh) is either one who knows the truth or ignorant of it. And the one who knows the truth either he is one who acts in accordance to its requirements or opposes it. These are the categories of people who are (held) responsible and they don’t ever leave (from these categories). The one who knows the truth and acts in accordance to it, he is the one who is favored (by Allâh). He is the one who has purified himself with the beneficial knowledge and righteous actions and he is the one who is successful. Continue reading

Shaytaan Desires a Far Straying

Al-Imaam Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen (may Allaah have mercy upon him) stated:

The Shaytaan wants that the children of Aadam stray with a far staying and not a near straying (one that’s close to the truth). Allaah stated: “And the Shaytaan wants to lead them far astray.” However we are not to think that the Shaytaan commands (the people) with (going) far astray from the onset. Rather (he does it) in stages. So he commands with Fisq (corruption) and the lesser acts of disobedience. Then (he commands with) the major sins. Then (he commands with) the disbelief (in Allaah). We ask Allaah to protect us.  Based upon this the ‘Ulamaa have said: The acts of disobedience are the Bareed  (path) to al-Kufr…The scholars have mentioned that the acts of disobedience are the path to al-Kufr and the Shaytaan takes the person in stages, step by step until the point he destroys him.”

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