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The Fourteen Enemies

A man said to Abu Hāzim (may Allah have mercy upon him): Indeed you are strict. Abu Hāzim (may Allāh have mercy upon him) replied:

Why shouldn’t I be strict when I’m certainly being observed/watched by 14 enemies. As for four of them: A Shaytān (devil) who puts me to trial, a believer who envies me, a disbeliever (who wants to) kill me and a hypocrite who hates me. As for the (remaining) ten, from them are: The matter of hunger, thirst, heat, cold, nakedness, old age, sickness, poverty, death and the hell-fire. I don’t have the ability (to combat them all) except with a complete weapon. And I do not find a weapon to combat them with better than (the weapon of) at-Taqwā (having fear of Allah). Continue reading