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The Ruling on Suicide Bombings in Non-Muslim Lands

Question Posed to The Noble Shaykh Zayd al-Madkhalī (may Allāh have mercy upon him):

Q. May Allāh reward you with goodness. There are some people who say: “Indeed the bombings in the lands of the non-Muslims is correct in light of their slaughtering the Muslims in Palestine and other regions.” So what is the origin of this matter? Continue reading

Shaykh Bāzmūl Warns the Parents of Children Sickened By the Khawārij

The Noble Shaykh Aḥmad Bāzmūl (may Allāh preserve him) stated:  

I direct a warning to the guardians from the fathers, mothers, and other than them, that they pay attention and watch over their children in order that they don’t fall into speaking ill about the scholars and the Muslim rulers, due to which they may fall into the affairs of innovation and evil desires. That which is important, oh guardian, is that you know who are the companions of your child. Are they from the righteous gatherings or are they from the evil gathering? Continue reading

The Khawaarij are Young and Foolish

Benefits from ‘Umrah Trip 1436

Shaykh ‘Abdur Razzaaq Ibn ‘Abdil-Muhsin al-Badr (may Allah preserve them both) stated in his class [the morning of the 26th of Jumaada ath-Thaani] after Salaatul Fajr:

From the descriptions which the Prophet (salallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) gave of the khawaarij that will appear in the latter times, is that they will be young in age and foolish. Continue reading

ما مذهـب الخـوارج ومتـى كانـت بدايتـه؟

فضيلة الشيخ العلامة الفقيه صالح بن فوزان بن عبد الله الفوزان حفظه الله ورعاه
أحـد الإخـوة يسـأل
عن مذهب الخوارج ، من هو زعيم هذا المذهب ، ومتى انتشر، وهل قاومه أحد من الخلفاء؟ Continue reading

Wrongfully Attributing a Statement to a Person

The Noble Allaamah Shaykh Rabee’ Ibn Haadi al-Madkhalee (may Allah preserve him) stated:

The Haddaadiyyah have for themselves an evil principle. And it is whenever they attribute to a person a statement which he is free from and he makes publicly known that he is free from it, they continue to accuse that oppressed person (of that statement which he is free from) which they attributed to him. Therefore they have surpassed the Khawaarij with this evil principle.

(Refutation against Fawzee al-Bahrayni, the one who is faslely described as al-Atharee. 3rd sitting pg. 9) Continue reading

Repelling the Evil Before it Takes Place is Easier than Repelling it After it has Happened

Al-Imam Abu Haneefah (may Allah have mercy upon him) stated:

“It is befitting for the Imam (the Muslim ruler), when the news reaches him that the Khawaarij are preparing for combat, to seize them and imprison them in order that they leave this off. This is due to the fact that repelling the evil before it takes place is easier than repelling it after it has happened.” Continue reading