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The Origin Of A Muslim Is Not That He/She Is Salafi

Shaykh Abdullah al-Bukhaari (may Allah preserve him) mentioned:

The origin regarding the Muslim is not that he is a Salafi; we say the origin regarding the Muslim is that he is a Muslim. Whoever’s Islam is established with certainty, it’s not removed except with certainty. The description that he is a Salafi is an added description to the (description of) Islam. It’s like you say that so and so is just; it’s not possible for him to be just and (yet) he’s not a Muslim. Therefore it’s a must that he be a Muslim (first) in order that, afterwards, there can be matters where you may that he is just. So the integrity is an added description to Islam. This is a matter that requires knowledge and experience of the person’s [i.e. person being described] situation in order that he be described as being just. Likewise the description of him being a Salafi: you’re in need of knowledge, experience, a (trustworthy source of) praise (for him) and the likes in order that it can be said about him that he’s Salafi… Continue reading

Seeking To Become Known To The Mashaaykh

Question Posed To Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree (may Allaah preserve him):

Some of the youth say, “Get to know the Mashaayikh so that they can know you by name, so that when you return to your land they (the Mashaayikh) can praise you”. What is your advice (regarding this)? May Allaah bless you. Continue reading