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The Origin Of A Muslim Is Not That He/She Is Salafi

Shaykh Abdullah al-Bukhaari (may Allah preserve him) mentioned:

The origin regarding the Muslim is not that he is a Salafi; we say the origin regarding the Muslim is that he is a Muslim. Whoever’s Islam is established with certainty, it’s not removed except with certainty. The description that he is a Salafi is an added description to the (description of) Islam. It’s like you say that so and so is just; it’s not possible for him to be just and (yet) he’s not a Muslim. Therefore it’s a must that he be a Muslim (first) in order that, afterwards, there can be matters where you may that he is just. So the integrity is an added description to Islam. This is a matter that requires knowledge and experience of the person’s [i.e. person being described] situation in order that he be described as being just. Likewise the description of him being a Salafi: you’re in need of knowledge, experience, a (trustworthy source of) praise (for him) and the likes in order that it can be said about him that he’s Salafi… Continue reading