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An Abundance of Followers or a Lack Thereof is Not The Measure of The Truthfulness of The Caller

Al-‘Allaamah, al-Imaam, Shaykh al-Albaani (may Allah have mercy upon him) stated:

Indeed, the matter of having an abundance of followers or a small amount is not the measuring tool to know if the caller is upon truth or falsehood. The Prophets (‘alayhim as-salaatu was salaam), despite their call being the same and their religion being the same, differed in relation to the number of followers they had, some having many and others having few. There was even amongst them a prophet who only one man believed in. Rather, there was amongst them (a prophet) who didn’t have anyone with him. In that, there is a serious lesson for the caller and those who are being called in this (day and) time. It is upon the caller to remember this reality and put a foot forward for the sake of calling to Allah. He should not care about the amount of those who follow him being small. This is because nothing is upon him except clear conveyance (of the message). He has a beautiful example for himself in the Prophets of the past, those who didn’t have anyone except a man or two with them.

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Following The Truth Even If The Followers Are Few

Shaykh ‘Abdullāh Ibn ‘Abdur-Rahman Aba Batīn, may Allāh have mercy upon him, said:

And a person, if the truth becomes clear to him, should not be discouraged by the fewness of those who agree with him in that, and the great number of those who oppose him — especially in these latter times.

And as for the statement of the ignoramus: ‘If this is indeed true, then it would not have been hidden from so and so!’ This is the very claim of the disbelievers, as in their statement:

لو كان خيرا ما سبقونا إليه

“If it had truly been good, they would not have preceded us to it!” (al-Ahqāf: 11) Continue reading

Three Matters When There is Differing

The Noble Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan (may Allaah preserve him) stated:

The Muslim is in need of three matters when there is differing, in order for him to know the correct path:

Firstly: The correct knowledge and not the pretend knowledge. It is not possible for you to traverse upon this path except that you have learned and you know the truth from the misguidance.

Secondly: Having  patience and being firmly established. Not wavering even if you are afflicted by that which befalls you. Indeed you are to remain patient no matter how much it costs you (to do so).

Thirdly: Do not be deceived by the large amount (of people who are upon something). Indeed you only look at who is upon the truth. Continue reading