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Thinking Ill Of Your Brother’s Intentions

From Ulama Audio: Dr. Abdur Rahman Omaisan answers a question presented during the recent conference in Edmonton, Canada in which someone asked:

What is your advice to an individual who accuses his brothers with loving fame and leadership without presenting any evidence to this allegation?

A beautifully presented answer, fortified by evidence from the book of Allah, the Sunnah of his Messenger salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and adorned by statements of the scholars of old.

May Allah reward the sheikh lavishly for his efforts in teaching the religion and dispelling confusion. Ameen.

Conference Schedule: Saturday

Saturday (today) Schedule:

Time Topic By
10:00 AM Children’s Workshop Covering the Book: Islamic Creed For Children N.A.
11:30 AM Sisters’ Workshop Cover the Book: Characteristics of the Righteous Wife N.A.
02:00 PM Telelink: Role of the Masjid in Preserving the Correct Creed Shaykh Abdurrahmān al-‘Umaysān
04:00 PM Lecture TBD
05:00 PM Lecture TBD
After Maghrib Lecture TBD
After ‘Isha Private Session for Brothers TBD

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Lectures By Shaykh ‘Abdurrahman al-Umaysān

يسر مركز أبي بكر الصديق الإسلامي أن يقدم لكم تسجيلات دورة شرح كتاب الصيام من كتاب منهج السالكين عبر المكسلر
شرح الشيخ عبدالرحمن العميسان

Abu Bakr Al-Siddique Islamic Center
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The Virtue of Knowledge & Its People Lecture (مخاضرة فضل العلم وأهله/سمير الأكلهومي)

Explanation Of The Book of Fasting From “Manhaj Al-Salikin” Lesson-1 (شرح كتاب الصيام منهج السالكين الدرس الاول)
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