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From The Dangers and Evil of ISIS, Al-Qā’idah and Those Like Them

Shaykh Sulayman ar-Ruhayli writes:

From their [i.e: those upon khāriji ideologies like ISIS, Al-Qā’idah, etc] danger is their praise of themselves and their speaking ill of those who are better than them. Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (رحمه الله) stated: “The first to go astray in that are the Khawārij al-Māriqoon (Those who have gone outside the practice of the religion according to the way of the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم). This is due to them judging for themselves that they are the ones holding on to the Book of Allah and His Sunnah and that Alī, Mu’āwiyah and the soldiers (who were with these two) are the people of disobedience and innovation. Therefore, as a result of that, they made lawful that which they made lawful from the Muslims.” This is the way of the Khawārij up until today. And this is a great danger. Continue reading

The Origins Of Wrongdoing

Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (may Allah have mercy upon him) stated:

The origins of wrongdoing are three:

1. Arrogance: It is that which drove Iblees to that which it drove him (i.e. to commit that which Iblees committed).

2. Desire: It is that which caused Aadam to be expelled from the Paradise.

3. Jealousy: It is that which caused one of the sons of Aadam to transgress against his brother.

Therefore, whoever is protected from the evil of these three (traits) then indeed he has been protected from evil. For disbelief is from arrogance; disobedience from desires; and transgression and oppression from jealousy. Continue reading