Reviling the Scholars

Shaykh Sālih Āl-ish-Shaykh states:

Reviling the scholars, without doubt, is a major sin and prohibited. It is even possible for it be deemed disbelief and apostasy if the intent behind reviling them is on account of Islām and their strict adherence to it. Thus Allāh’s refuge is sought from the inhabitants of the fire’s circumstance. Allāh says:

إنما يخشى الله من عباده العلماء
It is only those who possess knowledge among His servants that truly fear Allah (Soorah Fatir: 28)

and He says

قلْ هل يستوي الذين يعلمون و الذين لا يعلمون
Say (O’ Muhammad!): Are those that know equal to those who do not know… (Soorah Az-Zumar: 9)

He also says

شهد الله أنه لا إله إلّا هو و الملاءكة و أُولوا العلم قائماً بالقسط لا إله إلّا هو العزيز الحكيم
Allah bears witness that none merits worship except Him, and the angels, and those who possess knowledge. He maintains His creation with justice, none merits worship except Him the Almighty, the All- Wise. (Soorah Al-i-Imran: 18)

So whoever Allāh linked together alongside Himself and the angels with regards to the testimony of tawhīd and truth, then nobility and respect for him because of his adherence to the religion becomes compulsory. The individual who insults the scholars degrades them and if this is done as a result of Islām and them speaking in accordance with its rulings it becomes clear apostasy if one is aware of such. Allāh says,

و لئن سألْتهم ليقولن إنما كنا نخوض و نلعب قلْ أ بالله و آياته و رسوله كنتم تستهزؤون لا تعتذروا قد كفرتم بعد إيمانكم
If you were to ask them they would say: “We were only joking.” Say: Was it Allah, His signs, and His Messenger that you mocked?” Make no excuse you disbelieved after belief… (Soorah At-Tawba: 65-66)


Source:  المنظار في بيان كثير من الأخطاء الشائعة

Translated by Najeeb Al Anjelesi
Republished from
Adapted on Shawwāl 17, 1437 (12-28-15)