Staying Up Late is From the Calamities – Shaykh Abdur-Razzaaq al-Badr

The Noble Shaykh Abdur-Razzaaq al-Badr (may Allah preserve him) stated:

The matter of staying up late at night (especially in this time of ours) is considered to be from the magnificent calamities and the great tribulations.  Also, it has for it many violations against many of the people.  From the greatest of the violations that comes as a result of it in this time of ours is the wasting of Salaatul-Fajr (i.e. not praying it on time).  By Allah, this is physical calamity.  When a person sleeps past this magnificent obligation, he has committed a magnificent crime against his day.  Shaykh al-Islaam Ibn al-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy upon him) stated, “At the start of the day, the sun has the status of its youth.  And at the last part of it, it has the status of it being in its older age and this is something that is known by way of experience.” Whoever grows up as a youth upon something, grows old upon it.  Therefore, that which the person is at the beginning of the day, holds to be true about him for the rest of the day.  If it is upon vigor, then the rest of the day will be vigorous.  If it is upon laziness, then the rest of the day is upon laziness.


Source: Sharh ash-Shamaa-il page 274

Translated by Abu Yusuf Khaleefah
24th of Raby` al-Awal 1437 AH (01-04-2016)
Masjid Nur Allah, Queens, NYC

Original Arabic

 السهر مصيبة عظيمة

قال الشيخ عبد الرزاق البدر -حفظه الله

والسهر -ولا سيما في زماننا هذا- يعد من المصائب العظيمة والبلايا الكبيرة وله جنايات كثيرة على كثير من الناس
ومن أعظم الجنايات التي ترتبت عليه في زماننا هذا إضاعة صلاة الفجر، وهذه والله مصيبة جسيمة فإذا نام الإنسان عن هذه الفريضة العظيمة فقد جنى على يومه جناية عظيمة.

قال ابن القيم رحمه الله: وأول النهار والشمس بمنزلة شبابه وآخره بمنزلة شيخوخته وهذا معلوم بالتجربة

ومن شب على شيء شاب عليه فما يكون من الإنسان في أول اليوم ينسحب على بقيته إن نشاطا فنشاط وإن كسلا فكسل.

 شرح الشمائل ص27