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شرح فضائل القرآن

📌 مادة صوتية

○ شرح فضائل القرآن ○

في مجلس الإمام ربيع حفظه اللهمكه ١٤٣٥

▪للشيخ أحمد بازمول
▪ والشيخ عادل منصور -حفظهما الله –

☜المجلس الأول ( ١ )

☜المجلس الثاني ( ٢ )

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Have Mercy On The Da’wah Salafiyyah & Its Scholars

Al-‘Allāmah Rabī’ bin Hādi al-Madkhalī (may Allâh protect him and take care of him) said:

The youth must have patience, wisdom, brotherhood upon the truth and cooperation upon righteousness and piety in spreading the truth which Allah guided them to.

Indeed Satan runs between the Salafi youth [causing] insignificant differences and is spreading amongst them blind fanaticism which is precisely the fanaticism of the hizbees (partisans). This is because the environment has emitted its poison thereby affecting some of the youth who have not yet digested the Salafi call.

They (the youth) have to be aware of the imminent dangers surrounding the Salafi methodology. By Allah, nowadays all the [deviant] groups along with the western countries behind them have come together to suppress Islam, as represented by the Da’wah Salafiyyah. Continue reading