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From The Great Calamities: Weakness of One’s Zeal in Seeking Knowledge and The Cure for It

Question posed to al-Imam Shaykh ‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy upon him):

Noble Shaykh, one experiences weakness in one’s zeal and laziness when it comes to seeking knowledge. What are the means and the ways which push one to have a high zeal for and diligence in [seeking] knowledge?

The Shaykh answered:

Having weakness in one’s zeal for seeking the legislated knowledge is from the great calamities. There are matters that are a must (in order to remove this calamity).

The first matter is: Sincerity for Allah in seeking the knowledge. When the person is sincere in seeking knowledge for Allah’s sake, and he knows that he will be rewarded for seeking it and that he will be on the third level (of the people) from this ummah, his zeal will become vigorous. Allah has mentioned: Continue reading