The Salafi Should…

Shaykh Usāmah Al-‘Utaybī (ḥafiẓahullāh) said:

My dear Salafis,

The methodology of the Salaf is that which the pious predecessors were upon in creed, worship, character, and manners; and an acute application of the rules and regulations of the Book and the Sunnah. The Salafis are the furthest of people from going against and contradicting Allah’s legislation and religion.

Knowledge is taken from its people. (Therefore) stick to the scholars and stay away from the Fitnah: that which is apparent and that which is hidden (i.e. that which is directly and indirectly connected to Fitnah).

Be diligent in striving to unite the word and hearts (of the Salafis), because they are the people of the Sunnah and Jamā’ah. They are not the people of innovation, deviation and separation. (The Salafis) are those who have sound and correct principles. They do not return back to the ignorant blind followers and charlatans for the application of the religious principles. (NO but) rather, they follow the scholars. The Salafis follow the proofs and evidences even if these goes against their desires. The Salafis do not have any contradictions in their methodology. The Salafis are not those who profess to follow the truth, yet when there comes a proof that is not in their favor (they then go against the truth by) resorting to loopholes so as to avoid following it; (they would thus prefer) and resort to blind following. This (in fact) goes against the Salafi methodology. Rather, the (Salafis) are the people of proof; they follow it in truth, not screamingly nor deceptively.

The Salafis strive to have concern for each other, like the example of one body. The Salafis work hard to unite the hearts and bodies upon the truth and guidance. (Thus), they are pained by that which causes pain to their brothers and sisters.

Salafiyyah is a methodology of truth and honesty, justice and purity of heart, sound intelligence and a methodology of love and mercy towards those who are worthy of such. (This is because the Salafis) hate those who they are commanded to hate by the legislation.

My dear Salafi, don’t wait for your brother to flip and change for the worst. Rather, be diligent in helping him stay steadfast upon the truth.

The Salafi (should) be one who pardons, overlooks and sees beyond (the shortcomings) of his brother, who is a mirror for him.

Be from the people of the truth; those who aid the truth and call to the truth, even if it is against themselves.

And Allah knows best.

Translated by Abu ‘Abdis-Salām Al-Juyānī
28th Rabī’ Ath-Thānī, 1437 (02-08-2016)
Masjid Nur Allah, Queens, NYC