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Criticizing People Without Evidences

The Noble Shaykh Rabee ibn Haadi al-Madkhalee (may Allah preserve him) stated:

If you do not come with the evidences and reasons for this criticism (that you have made against individuals), the people would see that you have oppressed them, transgressed the boundaries against them and have attacked their practice of the religion without right. Therefore you now become the one who is being accused (of something evil) and you are in need of freeing your practice of the religion and honor (from the accusation of evil).

Source: Al-Majmoo’ al-Waadih, p. 176 Continue reading

Listening to News (about a person) Without Any Proof or Evidence is Oppression

Shaykh Muhammad al-‘Anjaree (may Allaah preserve him) stated:

Listening to news (about a person) without any proof or evidence is oppression. That it is said so and so said this, like some have said to others that I said such and such. Say to this person bring me the recording, or bring the book (that the statement is in) to establish this claim.

To attribute something to a person without any proof and you say: It was stated to me by those who are thiqah without naming who these individuals are, we say name your men to us! Don’t make the matter one that is not clear. It’s a must that you have a proof. You’re speaking about the honor of a person, therefore it’s a must that you bring the proof and evidence! The burden of proof is upon the claimant. This is the Judgment. Indeed the judgment is for Allaah. Use the Sharee’ah as a judge regarding your statement! Continue reading