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The Hizbees Used to Be Salafis

The Noble Shaykh Rabee’ al-Madkhalee (may Allah preserve him) stated:

Today the one you see from the Hizbees in this land (i.e. Saudia), all of them, their origin is that they were Salafis. All of them became lost due to mixing, cohabiting, reading and listening to the people of desires. All of those that you see now and it is said about them ‘so and so is a Hizbee’, all of them have not become lost except by this way. They have taken the view of ‘I will take the truth (from the people of desires) and I will leave off the falsehood’. So as a result of that he takes the falsehood and leaves off the truth and becomes an enemy of the truth, waging war upon its people.

Source: Fataawaa of Shaykh Rabee’, vol. 14, pg. 350 Continue reading