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Cursing the One who has Cursed the People of Knowledge

Question posed to the Noble Shaykh Rabee’ al-Madkhalee (may Allah preserve him):

Q. Is it permissible for us to curse the one who the people of knowledge have cursed?
A. Cursing, don’t curse. However if the person has been declared to be an innovator and there’s a need to clarify his state for the purpose of advising the people, then clarify. You say about him: “So and so is an innovator. So and so has this affair with him.” As for cursing, then no, there’s to be no cursing. Don’t curse him. If the scholar has cursed him, you don’t curse him. If the scholar has ruled upon him with a ruling that is true concerning him and you see that the people are being harmed by way of him, then it is upon you to clarify his state in order that the people can be aware of his evil and be safe from his evil. As for cursing him, then no, and (know that) it doesn’t benefit. Continue reading