Benefits from Shaykh ‘Alī Al-Faqīhī

From Al-Kabāir:

The Shaykh (ḥafidhahullāh) mentioned that if a person is able to speak the truth in order to extinguish a fitnah, then he should. If not, he should remain silent.

The Shaykh (ḥafidhahullāh) mentioned that you all know (how) the tongue speaks, as you see on the the Internet. The believer speaks of good. As for the munāfiq (the hypocrite), he is quick to indulge in evil.

The Shaykh (ḥafidhahullāh) made a similitude of fitnah to the ironworker; he puts fire to the iron until nothing remains, except that which is pure. Likewise the fitnah is a trial, a test, and a (source of) purification for the believer.

The Shaykh (ḥafidhahullāh) spoke about social media. Years ago, no one would have imagine that someone would be able to write on the Internet and in one moment, (the writing would be) be all over the world: Australia, America etc. The Shaykh (ḥafidhahullāh) mentioned the same way people doubted in the news of the Prophet ﷺ regarding the Israa and the Mi’rāj (the Night Jounery and the Ascension). People were saying, “You mean your companion claims that he was taken from Makkah to Jerusalem and then to the Heavens in one night?!”

Translated by Abu Muhammad Nādir Ibn Uzear Al-Jamaiky
5th of Rajab 1437 (04-11-2016)
Makkah Al-Mukarramah