Is it Permissible to go Out With Jamaa’at-ut-Tabligh?

Question posed to Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan (may Allah preserve him):

Is going out for the period of a month or a certain amount of weeks or days like al-Jamaa’at ut-Tabligh, Sunnah or Bid’ah? Is it permissible for a person to go with this Jamaa’ah to learn the legislated knowledge?


This is not permissible, this is an innovation, going out for forty days or four months or four days, this is a innovation and this is a Jamaa’at-us-Sufiyyah. It has been established that it is a Jama’at-us-Sufiyyah Deobandiyyah (ascription to a village in India from which arose the Deobandi ideology).

They have infiltrated to our lands and other than it for the purpose of spreading sufiyyah (sufism). It is not permissible for a person of Sunnah, a person of Tawheed to go out with them because his going with them is aiding them in spreading their innovation. The people will use that as an evidence, they will say so and so has gone with them! Or the people have gone with them! Or the people of that land…

It is obligatory to reject them, it is obligatory to refuse them and not look to them so they can return back to their own lands with their innovation and not spread it among us. A person shouldn’t say I’m leaving with them to teach them; this is from ones imagination. They don’t accept being taught because they are people who have (their own) principles and methodology — they have come to teach you they haven’t come for you to teach them!

They have come to call to their Suffiyah and their methodology, they haven’t came to learn from you. If they wanted to learn they would have sat in front of the scholars in the masaajid and read the books. These are fallacies it is not permissible to be deceived by them.

Source: Al-Ijaabaat al-Muhimmah fil Mashaakil al-Mulimmah, p. 123 – 124

Translated by Abu Yusuf Khaleefah
12th of Muharram, 1437 (10-25-2015)
Masjid Nur Allah, Queens, NYC