A Time When Holding On To The Deen Is Like Holding Onto Hot Coal

Explanation of the Hadeeth By Imaam Ibn Baaz (may Allah have mercy upon him):

The Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said: “There will come a time upon my ummah in which the one holding on to his Deen is like the one holding on to a hot piece of coal from the fire.” Is this Hadeeth authentic, and if it is can you explain it for us? May Allah reward you with good.

There’s no harm with it as far as we know. There’s no harm with it. It’s a good narration. It’s meaning is that there will come upon a person something from the calamities, the test, the trails which harm him to the point where he’s like the one who is holding on to the hot piece of coal throughout the trials and tribulation. This is due to the severity of his patience upon his Deen, upon his Emaan and being established upon it to where he’s like one who holds on to the hot piece of coal tightly due to the severity of pain and hardship that befalls him in that. The time of trials and tribulations is the time of harm from the enemy. And the refuge is sought with Allah. This is a reality that has taken place. Therefore it’s befitting for the one with sound intellect, if he is tested with this, that he is patient. How many (of the people) who have indeed been tested with this in the times of Fitan, during the times of war and other than from those who have passed before us as well as in our time. The issue at hand is that whoever has been tested at any time, upon the person is to be patient. It’s possible that the person can be tested by one who prevents him from the prayer or one who harms him when he prays. It’s possible that the person can be tested by one who harms him when he fast. Let him be patient and fast, even if it he does it secretly. If he is harmed for that, it will not harm him. He should pray even if he is harmed. He should be patient and forbear (that harm) and not leave off the prayer. And this is how he should be. And Allah is the One we seek help from.


Source: http://www.binbaz.org.sa/mat/18354

Translated by Abu Yusuf Khaleefah
8th of Rabee’ ath-Thaani, 1436 H (01-28-2015)
Masjid Nur Allah, Queens, NYC

Original Arabic

:شرح حديث يأتي زمان القابض على دينه كالقابض على الجمرة للإمام عبد العزيز ابن بار رحمه الله

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: (يأتي زمانٌ على أمتي القابض على دينه كالقابض على جمرة من النار)، فهل هذا الحديث صحيح، وإذا كان صحيحاً فاشرحوه لنا؟ جزاكم الله خيراً

لا بأس به فيما نعلم، لا بأس به، حديث جيد، ومعناه أنه يأتي عليه من البلايا والمحن والفتن التي تؤذيه وتضره ما يكون فيها معها كالقابض على الجمر، من شدة صبره على دينه وعلى إيمانه وثباته عليه، كأنه قابض على الجمر من شدة ما يصيبه من الآلام والشدائد في ذلك، وقت الفتن وقت الأذى من الأعداء، والعياذ بالله، وهذا واقع، فينبغي للعاقل إذا بلي بهذا أن يتصبر، وكم قد بلي بهذا في أوقات الفتن وفي الحروب وفي غير ذلك ممن مضى قبلنا وفي وقتنا، فالحاصل أن من ابتلي في أي زمان عليه أن يصبر، قد يبتلى ممن يمنعه من الصلاة أو يؤذيه إذا صلى، قد يبتلى ممن يؤذيه إذا صام فليصبر يصوم ولو سراً، فإذا أوذي في ذلك لا يضره، يصلي ولو أوذي يصبر ويتحمل ولا يدع الصلاة، وهكذا، والله المستعان