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Teach Your Children the Adhkaar in Order That It Be on Your Scales of Good – Shaykh Sulaymaan ar-Ruhaylee

Shaykh Sulaymaan ar-Ruhaylee (may Allah preserve him) stated:

For this oh brothers, from that which we are heedless of is (the matter) that we (are to) cultivate our children upon the remembrance of Allah and that we (are to) get our children accustomed to remembering Allah. From the (time they are) youth, it is upon us that we get Continue reading

Salafiyyah Is Purity Of The Hearts – Shaykh Sulaymaan ar-Ruhaylee (hafidhahullaah)

Shaykh Sulaymaan Ar-Ruhaylee (hafidhahullaah) commenting on the true nature of Salafiyyah. Salafiyyah is:

  • The purification of the hearts.
  • Salafiyyah is maintaining the ties of brotherhood
  • Salafiyyah is preserving the good will in the hearts of your brothers.

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Tongues Are Good But Hearts Are Evil

The Noble Jurist, Salafi Shaykh Sulaymaan ar-Ruhaylee (may Allah preserve him):

We seek refuge in Allah from being amongst those whose tongues are good but their hearts are evil. By Allah there’s no good in this, even if the person becomes raised (in status amongst the people). I swear by, I swear by Allah! That you be one who is unknown along with having the pureness of your heart and soundness of your heart is better for you than you being one who is a shining distinguished personality (amongst the people) with the corruption of your heart by way of any image from the images of corruption which Allah doesn’t love, nor is He ever pleased with it for his servant to have in his heart.

Translated by Abu Yusuf Khaleefah
23rd of Rabee’ al-Awwal, 1436 H (01-14-2015)
Masjid Nur Allah, Queens, NYC Continue reading