Have A Blessed Ramadān

Masjid Nur Allāh is open for the 5 daily prayers and the Tarāwīh prayers are established after the ‘Eshā. There will be daily classes during the nights of Ramadān approximately 45 minutes before the ‘Eshā up until the Iqāmah time.

The children’s class is still ongoing on Saturdays and Sundays after the Thuhr Salāh.

The sisters’ class will start back up in 2 weeks (In Shā Allāh)

The Fajr class is ongoing after the Fajr Salāh every morning except Friday.

There will be Iftār served at the Masjid. All are welcome to come and eat and drink and benefit from the activities and classes in the Masjid.

May Allāh accept our worship.