Advice To Those Seeking Marriage

The Noble Scholar Shaykh Muhammad bin Sa’īd Raslān حفظه الله stated:Allāh تعالى said:

{My Lord indeed I am in need of whatever good that You send down to me} [al-Qasas:24]

Some Scholars have said whoever wants to get married let him recite this abundantly for Allāh تعالى said after it:

{One of them came walking to him shyly} [al-Qasas:25]

Note: When Mūsā عليه السلام made this Du’ā asking Allāh for His good, one of the two women came to him walking shyly which was the start of the good coming to Mūsā عليه السلام which ended with him marrying one of the daughters of the righteous man he worked for who was the father of the two women.