The Two Types of Patience

Maymūn bin Mihrān رحمه الله stated:”Patience is two types: Being patient upon the calamities (that befall a person and that) is good. And better than that is being patient as it relates to keeping away from the acts of disobedience (of Allāh).

“[As-Sabr wa Ath-Thawāb ‘Alayhi of Ibn Abī Ad-Dunyā Pg. 29]

قال ميمون بن مهران رحمه الله

الصبر صبران: الصبر على المصيبة حسن، وأفضل من ذلك الصبر عن المعاصي

[الصبر والثواب عليه لابن أبي الدنيا. ص 29]

My noble brothers and sisters in Islām, it’s very important that we observe patience for the sake of Allāh in our lives. Especially when it comes to being tested with calamities. But more importantly, we must observe patience when the test come in the form of the sins of desires. Our desire to please Allāh must be greater than our desire to please and satisfy our lust at the expense of pleasing Allāh. May Allāh guide us all to observe patience for His sake when tested with calamities and sins.