The Last Ten of Ramadan-The Great Opportunity…

The Noble Shaykh Khālid ‘Uthmān حفظه الله stated: “The last ten days of Ramadan is an opportunity for you to raise yourself over your desires.

Do not graze with the cattle…Elevate above the clouds, perhaps you will reach ‘illiyyeen.

Do not be deceived by the riffraff, those who clash with one another over the dunya which holds no value. How quick is it to vanish from them, in just moments.

Then they will find themselves in a constricted grave, with no helper nor escape from Allah except to Him.

Do not despair from the mercy of Allah and do not be deceived by it nor feel safe from Allahs plan.

And know that Allah is with those who are pious and those who do good.”

Translated by: Nasir al-Hanbali حفظه الله