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Pondering Over the Qurān is Following It

Al-Hasan Al-Basri  (may Allāh have mercy upon him) stated about the statement of Allāh:

كِتَابٌ أَنزَلْنَاهُ إِلَيْكَ مُبَارَكٌ لِّيَدَّبَّرُوا آيَاتِهِ وَلِيَتَذَكَّرَ أُولُو الْأَلْبَابِ
A blessed book We have revealed to you in order that they may ponder over its verses and in order that those of understanding may reflect.” (Saad: 29)

The reflecting over its verses is nothing but following it with actions. By Allāh, it’s not the memorization of its letters and the wasting of its prescribed limits. It’s to the point that one of them says: 《By Allāh, I read the entire Qurān and I do not leave off one letter》 but he indeed has left off all of it (in practice). You don’t see in him the mannerisms of the Qurān nor the actions. It’s to the point that one of them says: 《By Allāh, indeed I read the Sūrah in one breath》By Allāh, these individuals are not (true) reciters, nor scholars, nor wise, nor people of religious piety. When have the (true) reciters ever said the likes of this?! May Allāh not increase the likes of these individuals among the Muslims!! Continue reading

Thinking Ill Of Your Brother’s Intentions

From Ulama Audio: Dr. Abdur Rahman Omaisan answers a question presented during the recent conference in Edmonton, Canada in which someone asked:

What is your advice to an individual who accuses his brothers with loving fame and leadership without presenting any evidence to this allegation?

A beautifully presented answer, fortified by evidence from the book of Allah, the Sunnah of his Messenger salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and adorned by statements of the scholars of old.

May Allah reward the sheikh lavishly for his efforts in teaching the religion and dispelling confusion. Ameen.

هناك من يطعن في خلص إخوانه، بدعوى أنهم متميعون

:قال الشيخ محمد بن رمزان الهاجري وفقه الله

فهناك من يطعن في خلص إخوانه ، بدعوى أنهم متميعون وهم والله أوضح منه وأقوى منه ، لكن لم يوافقوه في هوى قد مال إليه ، أو باطل قد تجرأ عليه ، ولذلك يريد ليوافقوه في باطله وفي ما عنده ، فهم لم يوافقوه ، فادعى زورا وبهتانا أنهم على غير قوة وثبات في الحق ، وهذا من إتهام الخلق بالقول المجرد ، لا بالحجة ولا بالبيان ولا بالأدلة ، فمثل هؤلاء أحكامهم ساقطة لا يلتفت إلى سماعها ، لأنها فيها جور وفيها حيد وفيها ظلم وفيها تعدي ، فلا يؤخذ إلا القول الصحيح الذي معه الأدلة والبرهان ، مما قال بلسان أو خط ببنان ، أما مجرد الكلام والدعاوى فهذه لا يلتفت لها

[ شرح الإبانة الصغرى لابن بطة الدرس السادس ]

If a Salafi Goes Astray Due to You

Shaykh ‘Āyid Ash-Shamri  (may Allah preserve him) stated:

This salafi, if he was to go astray due to you, due to your character, due to your harshness, due to your evil thoughts and your lies upon him–if he was to go astray (because of this), you will be held accountable (for that) on the Day of Judgment. This salafi who teaches the books of the Salaf in opposition to the Ikhwānis, in opposition to the Tablīghis, in opposition to the Takfīris, in opposition to the Ashā‘irah and the Sūfis, he teaches Tawhīd, the Sunnah and Salāh–if he was to stop the classes because of you and your tale-carrying, you will be questioned (about this) in front of Allah (‘azza wa-jall). Therefore fear Allah O brothers! Continue reading

حكم السُّكوتِ على خَطأ المخالِف خَشْيةَ الفُرْقَة

الشـيَِـٌخ العلاّمــة عبد المحسن العبَّاد البدر -حفظه اللَّــْـْہ ورعاه

السؤال: ما نصِيحتُك -حفظك الله- لمن يقول: الردُّ على الْمُخالِف يُسبِّب الفُرْقَة بين المسلمِينَ؛ ولكن الواجِب السُّكوتُ على الخطأ؛ حتَّى تجتمِعَ كلمةُ المسلمِين؟

.الجواب: هذا غيرُ صحيح! هذا باطلٌ! بل الخطأ -يعني- يُبيَّن ويُوضَّح، ولا يُترَك
.وأمَّا قضية التَّرك من أجل أن هذا يُسبِّب فُرقَة؛ بل الفُرقَة حصلت بالمخالفات، والخروج عن الجادَّةِ؛ فالواجب هو بيان الحقِّ، والردُّ على الْمُبطِل

.وإذا كان الذي حصل منه الخطأ ليس من أهل البدع؛ وإنما هو من أهل السُّنَّة -وحصل الخطأ- فإنَّه يُناصَح ويُرفَق بِه؛ لأنَّ المقصود هو الإصلاحُ Continue reading

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100 Years Old & Blind Still Praying In The Masjid

Shaykh Abdurrazzāq al-Badr stated:

Another great story from ‘Umar Ibn al-Khattāb concerning the status of the prayer and attentiveness to pray in congregation is what has been narrated from al-Hākim in his collection of hadīth from Abdullāh Ibn Ja’far.

‘Umar Ibn al-Khattāb went to the home of Sa‘īd Ibn Yarbu’ to visit him when he lost his eyesight. He lost his eyesight so ‘Umar went to his home to visit him. ‘Umar said to him: “Do not abandon Jumu‘ah prayer and do not leave off praying in the Prophet’s Masjid (sallallāhu ‘alaihi wa-sallam). Sa‘īd replied: “I don’t have anyone to take me.”

‘Umar said: “We will find someone to take you.” Thus they found a young slave boy to take him. Look at this concern. During this time Sa‘īd was almost 100 years old. Continue reading

A Cure For Love

Ibn al-Qayyim (rahimahullāh) stated:

This is a disease of the heart that differs from every other disease in its nature, its causes, and its remedy. Once it enters the heart it dominates it. Even the doctors (i.e. therapists) are unable to provide a medicine for it. But the medication for this disease lies in knowing firstly that what you have been tested with conflicts with tawhīd.

Thus one should occupy himself with physical and spiritual acts of worship, which in turn would preoccupy him from constantly thinking about that woman. Make lots of du‘ā to Allah (The Most Perfect) that He turns your heart away from her and He returns it back to Him. Continue reading